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Home Sweet Home

The housewarming party has come and gone, and I suppose I’m now officially moved in. Thanks everyone who came (or sent their best wishes) and for letting me pretend to be a chef for a day!

I had this perfect plan to start party prep a week in advance, but plans are meant to be […]

Savory Lamb Chops with Cherry Reduction

Oftentimes when I cook or eat a dish, I’m flooded with memories. It’s what I particularly like about food – the tastes and smells whisk me back to little moments in life that otherwise might have been forgotten. I associate food with people and places. A bite of sushi at lunch might bring back memories […]

Happy (Belated) Father’s Day – Grilled Trout

Having used the grill at every opportunity over the past week, we’ve made a lot of steaks, chicken and shrimp – foods I feel like get the most play time on the grill. And as great as a grilled steak is, sometimes you just need a little diversity. While we were at Safeway debating between […]

Bye Bye Safeway/Costco – Rotisserie Chicken

3 irish men + 1 large truck + 1 rickety elevator/4 flights of stairs + 2 more flights of stairs + FOUR hours + 1 old apartment + 1 shiny new (to me) condo = money very well spent.

As of June 1, I am officially moved out of the apartment and into my new […]

BBQ Ribs

Here in the city of San Francisco, our weather is pretty consistent. There isn’t too much of a change between the seasons – it never really falls below 40 and rarely get above 80. Summer months are actually colder than fall with our Septembers and Octobers generally being the warmest and nicest months of the […]

The perfect way to say welcome

Any guesses as to what that might be? Here’s a clue…

Yup, you guessed it (or not :P), it’s a Doubletree Hotel cookie. The warm, gooey treat they provide when you check into the hotel or ever so politely ask the front desk. It makes the consistent travel and the not-so-nice front desk staff […]

Got buns?

The last couple weeks of March, I was lucky enough to work from home. I finally had the chance to scratch a couple of food items off of my ever growing “to cook” list. Including these Whirligig buns from Nigella, which has been starred in my Google Reader for what seems like eternity. Yes, I […]

Alinea – Part II

I apologize for the “teaser,” but it WAS a 4.5 hour dinner and I didn’t think anyone had the attention span to read about 24 courses in one sitting, not to mention I doubt I could write it all at once.

Anyway, shall we continue?

4. SALSIFY – caper, dill, smoked salmon.The salsify (root vegetable) […]

Alinea Part I – Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

I’m at a loss for words.

I officially had the best meal of my life. A meal that has confirmed that food is an art and an experience. A meal sitting next to people that understood that I don’t just eat to live, but that I live to eat. And since leaving the restaurant, I’ve […]

Conquered tomatoes!

Slowly but surely I’m overcoming my food dislikes. First, it was avocadoes (yes, I know, how could I hate avocados?). Now tomatoes, thanks to some delicious caprese from a restaurant I can’t remember.

It’s not quite tomato season, but while Mom was visiting, we ventured over to the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building. A […]