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The Spotted Pig

Day 2, Brunch – Again, we found ourselves waiting patiently outdoors for the restaurant to open. And by patiently waited outdoors, I mean, we eagerly, yet awkwardly, opened the unlocked door to stumble in on the wait staff’s pre-service meetings, got shot looks like we had just walked in on someone in the restroom and […]

Yakitori Totto

Chicken skin, gizzard, chicken bones – these are usually parts of the chicken that I’d toss into the trash. Yet, our first meal in NYC found us at Yakitori Totto, contemplating between ordering these very items.

With a 7pm first pitch looming over our heads, we arrived at Yakitori Totto a good 15 minutes before […]

I <3 NYC

I’m back from NYC with my pockets lighter and my tummy quite a bit heavier.

With consulting, I’ve done a fair share of regular traveling. Fly out Monday, fly back Thursday or Friday for the weekend. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. And lucky for me, I’ve maybe been delayed three or four times in the three years […]

NYC, here I come!

In less than two days, I will board a plane headed to the Big Apple for 3.5 days of no work, baseball watching, and most importantly, FOOD. I have a little agreement with my Atheletic’s fan traveling companion that I’ll pick up the food tab in exchange for him picking up the baseball. Now, if […]

Russian River 2008

10 people + 6 wineries + 2 cabins + 1 Mystery Box + 1 watermelon + Lots of wine = Russian River 2008

For the past two years, I’ve managed to miss out on my friends’ annual visit to a friend’s cabin that his grandfather built on the Russian River. Luckily, this year, I managed […]

Home Sweet Home

The housewarming party has come and gone, and I suppose I’m now officially moved in. Thanks everyone who came (or sent their best wishes) and for letting me pretend to be a chef for a day!

I had this perfect plan to start party prep a week in advance, but plans are meant to be […]