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BBQ Ribs

Here in the city of San Francisco, our weather is pretty consistent. There isn’t too much of a change between the seasons – it never really falls below 40 and rarely get above 80. Summer months are actually colder than fall with our Septembers and Octobers generally being the warmest and nicest months of the […]

Moving (x2)

Everyone knows that moving sucks. Now, two things…

I moved domains. This blog is now at It took about 30 seconds.

I’m moving. It’s only about 2 miles away from my current place. The whole process when done will have taken months. And lots of stress. However, I DO get a gas stove in […]

The perfect way to say welcome

Any guesses as to what that might be? Here’s a clue…

Yup, you guessed it (or not :P), it’s a Doubletree Hotel cookie. The warm, gooey treat they provide when you check into the hotel or ever so politely ask the front desk. It makes the consistent travel and the not-so-nice front desk staff […]