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Warm Scallops and Tatsoi "Salad" with Mustard Vinegarette

Tatsoi, also known as spinach mustard, spoon cabbage or Chinese flat cabbage, has dark green, oval leaves, with a lighter-tinged stem. It looks a bit similiar to baby Bok Choy (no surprise, it’s also in the same family as bok choy, mizuna, and rapini), but it looks much more full and lush. It’s often […]

Mysterious Thursdays

A little week until Super Sunday and my fridge looks like I tried to cram a farm into it, which come to think of it, is essentially what I’ve done. Yesterday was my first Mysterious Thursday with Marquita Farms. A week prior, I sent an email reserving my box. We exchange cell numbers. I make […]

Ready, Set…

Last year’s Superbowl party was my first party to host entirely on my own. Since then, I’ve had the Fourth of July and the Second Annual Fleet week, both of which were pretty successful. This year’s party should be even more of a success, just judging by the fact that people were asking me before […]